Chapter 1 - Destruction of Lionel

Key Locations

Lionel Castle
Port City of Warjilis

Key Characters

Elten Lionel
Friea Lionel
Junion Grezelia
Ira Helka

50 years after The War of the Lions Lionel Castle is dealing with a new issue. Taking an Isolationist view after the near destruction of the world of Ivalice, the Lionel Territory isn't communicating with any of the other Territories.

Part1 - The Ruling PowersEdit

"If we don't get the High Lord to lift the trade embargo we are going to quickly enter a recession," proclaimed Junion Grezelia. Junion is a strong man of his mid thirties, he held himself confidently while he spoke to his companion. Wearing the Garb of the Royal Army, Junion is a High Commander and Leader of the Army's Seafaring vessels and troops.

"But He fears the Northern Territories after the problems with Glabados," replied Ira Helka. Ira is a stout older gentlemen. With a bit of a quiver in his voice, he speaks with the wisdom of being one of the High Lord's trusted council.

The two men are traveling down a corridor that is lined with guards every 10 feet, with 20 foot high windows on the right wall and elaborate paintings on the left wall. The stone Castle has been in the Lionel Family for generations and is well maintained, even after the catastrophic events of the War of the Lions. The Guards lining the walls watch the men as they pass, but do not turn their heads to follow them down the Hall. As the men approach the end of the passage it turns into a short set of stairs that lead up to an elevated balcony that overlooks the Throne room.

"Good Luck," says Ira glancing down at the throne where High Lord Theyin Lionel sits grumpily.

Junion nods, takes a left and continues across the balcony to the far wall where another set of stairs ventures down into the throne room. The throne room was a large 2 story room, that didn't look anything like the rest of the castle. It was decorated with elaborate marble statues and large tapestries. The black marble floor shimmered from the light coming through the large painted glass windows. The two over-sized chairs at the head of the room under the largest window were the High Lord's and his Lady's Throne chairs, made of elaborately carved cherry-wood with cloth draped over the backs of the Royal Colors (Silver and Blue).

As Theyin notices Junion he stands and makes his way to the base of the stairs and greets him with a hearty embrace. "What brings you here Junion? Troubles with the Bugross Pirates again?" he chuckles.

Junion is not laughing, "Can't have much trouble with pirates since the ships coming and going from Lionel don't have anything valuable on them. Lord Lionel, I plead you to lift the Embargo."

Theyin sulks, "You know I can't do that. The Northern Territories are still corrupt from the War."

"How can you know that, you haven't even spoken to any of the other Lords in Decades," argues Junion. The two men venture over towards the throne area and High Lord Theyin sits. "At least open the northern border for trading from Limberry or Lesalia. Our economy is failing without the foreign trade."

Theyin looks at Junion as if he's considering his suggestion and answers, "I'll bring it up to my advisers, see how they feel about our economic situation." Junion breaks a smile. "BUT, I'll need to send a group to try and contact the territory, I think I prefer Limberry, we share shores so we could trade over the sea. For now hold tight and consider who you would take to Limberry Castle, I want you to head the excursion."

Junion almost ran out of the Throne Room immediately but stopped himself, "Thank you Sir! I'll go find some companions to take to Limberry"

Theyin nods, seeming to be in a bit of a better mood, "And could you take my son, Elten, he could use the knowledge of distant lands."

Junion nods, "yes Sir, I think we can manage to take him. He's put in a bit of time with a bow correct?"

"Yes, and has become quite adept at it I'm proud to say," Theyin beams with pride.

Junion smiles back at Theyin and departs the throne room.

Part2 - Lifting of The EmbargoEdit

It took the Council a week to decide that it would be beneficial for the Lionel Territory to open trade to at least one of the northern territories. The squat council member that Junion usually collaborated with ran into the barracks out of the rain and shakes some of the rain off his robes. "Nasty storm out there Junion, are you sure you want to head out today?"

Junion takes a second to listen to the rain pounding on the roof of the barracks, "I've sailed in worse than this Ira, I promise you that."

"Indeed, but you take the young Lord with you on this journey," Ira states disapprovingly.

Junion shrugs, "I don't think he will melt Ira, and maybe it will help him realize that others don't get to sit in pretty castles all day being waited on hand and foot."

Ira glares at him, somewhat concerned about how he will treat the young Lord. Sighing, "Please be careful, and at least show Elten proper respect."

Junion replied, "I give my respect to those that earn it, just because I respect his father does not mean the son deserves it too." He turns to his equipment, doing a final check that he has all he will need for the journey. Glancing over his shoulder to Ira, "I'll be kind to him because he is Royalty, but he will have to earn my respect."

Ira nods approvingly and turns to go, halting at the doorway he turns back towards Junion. "Remember that Limberry will not be expecting you, hopefully they will not be hostile and will accept that we wish to open trade with them again... but odds are you will meet some resistance along the way."